Solutions for activation and management services that automate routine processes for configuring the network infrastructure operator and provide reliable scalable service-oriented platform for the provision of communications services provider customers.


  • Easily integrated into existing business processes
  • Allows you to create a simple new business processes
  • Provide fill the gap between business objective and its implementation on the network infrastructure and applications operator
  • Unifies access to heterogeneous network infrastructure for the rapid implementation of new services
  • Automate manual operations to activate services in a heterogeneous environment
  • Provide centralized, fault-tolerant and reliable execution of tasks


  • Specialists have experience the full cycle implementation of solutions for Service Provisioning
  • Engineers have extensive experience working with related systems
  • Provisioning Solution Integration involves the use of a large number of heterogeneous systems, and we know how to do it
  • The success of the implementation is provided with wide experience of integration of such systems into automated business processes of customers

Solutions for service activation and configuration of the equipment are built on a platform of HP Service Activator, as well as JBoss AS. HPSA is built on open technologies and allows for rapid development of solutions and simplifies maintenance and support of systems management services. Also, the system based on the HP Service Activator is designed to enable services that require support for transactions with the possibility of a full rollback operation.

The internal architecture of HPSA is shown in the illustration below.

Each activation process is based on the performance of atomic operations. These transactions may be grouped into a composite / complex operation unit placed in a transaction. This approach simplifies the activation process and allows a group of operations that are performed for both the activation of the service, and to return the system to its original state.

HP Service Activator receives all necessary devices to interact with information from an Oracle database or from external systems, CRM / accounting systems of linear / other O / BSS. Information database is subdivided into several levels:

  • System Database stores information needed to operate the system
  • Service Inventory models the structure of the operator’s services, for which the developed control system
  • Resource Inventory models the structure of the resource data of the operator (and the IP network) that implement services

Resource Inventory for storing information about the network operator can be customized according to the recommendations of the TM Forum in the Common Network Resource Model.

Each process is implemented by instances of workflow – the set of atomic / primitive actions involving analysis and input validation, command execution on network elements and analysis of the results. Based on the analysis of possible partial or full rollback of the steps in the previous “stable” condition of all devices and systems involved in the transaction.

To interact with equipment and other target IP HPSA integrate specific modules (plugins) to enable workflow (business process) to interact with the target systems in a uniform and transactional.

To provide fault tolerance and load balancing solution can include multiple servers HPSA. In this mode of operation (High Availability) may perform the automatic reconfiguration of the system in case of failure of one of the nodes, as well as changes in workflow and plug-in “on the fly”

Solutions for provisioning, built on HPSA / JBossAS, deployed to all industrial facilities with architecture x86, as well as visualized on the host, including hosted in the cloud, running Windows, Linux.

Areas of activity
  • Mobile service provisioning – Solutions for activation of mobile services is modular and includes a set of ready-made or supplied on request adapters management of telecommunication equipment, providing mobile services. Process solutions support the full life cycle of subscribers as well as the activation of services on the VAS-platforms
  • Fixed-line service provisioning – Solutions on how to activate fixed-line services are modular, and include a set of ready-made or supplied on request adapters management of telecommunication equipment, providing fixed-line services – internet, telephone (classical and VoIP), IP television, VAS and others. Process supporting solutions that ensure the performance of business operations for the full life cycle of customers, and provide a reconciliation of the configuration of network infrastructure inventory system operator
  • Managed Services – The solution enables communications service providers to implement control of telecommunications equipment, a set of services and their configuration for small and medium businesses, through self-service portal. The solution includes a centralized management of all client devices that provide communication services (intrenet, telephony, etc.), as well as self-service portals and portal monitoring and administration of the operator
  • Mobile Number Portability – The solution implements a set of tasks for porting numbers of mobile subscribers from one operator to another. Activation process solutions provide equipment operators, as well as storage and data support ported numbers in a mobile operator
  • Resource Management – HP Service Activator platform to store the inventory of resources and manage the distribution of the objectives of the service activation. Typical solutions to the management of resources is a solution for managing IP VPN L2, 3, IP Address Managements, Cloud Resource Management, etc. The solutions provide an open API and act as “facilitator” in the more complex tasks
  • Integration – Tasks to implement service activation systems always include a lot of integration work: you have to “teach” a platform to communicate with many different systems operator, equipment, CRM, etc. DELTA SOLUTIONS team has extensive experience working with a variety of network technologies, allowing to implement a joint with any interface, as well as a broad base of ready integration adapters. These adapters, platforms HP Service Activator and JBoss AS, proxies are the links or connectors that perform the functions of transformation and conversion of messages and control information of different communication protocols between heterogeneous parts of the multi-vendor network infrastructure