As partners of the largest manufacturers of server hardware company, “DS” offers hardware solutions for the preparation, installation and configuration of servers, storage systems, switching equipment and other components of the server infrastructure.

  • Servers HP ProLiant – purpose servers, enjoying exceptional demand, provide the organization making the widest range of applications. A comprehensive range of platforms to choose the optimal solution for every application:
    • HP ProLiant DL – rack-mounted server models that are optimized for dense placement and deployment of multi-server configurations. The line DL provides the broadest range of servers, from single-processor systems based on the Intel Xeon / Core i3, up to the most powerful 8-processor machines corporate level
    • HP ProLiant ML – Universal Server Form Factor Tower with up to two processors
    • HP ProLiant BL – a family of blade sevrerov optimized for quick commissioning. Installation of up to 16 servers in a single blade chassis
    • HP ProLiant SL – scalable, high-performance system ideal for deployments requiring high compute density
    • HP ProLiant MS – server has been reconfigured the entry-level HP ProLiant MicroServer at an affordable price are ideal for small offices, and will also be a cost effective solution as a starter server for businesses
  • Servers HP Integrity – Server of family integrity are optimized for virtualization of business-critical applications are highly available and scalable
  • Storage Systems
    • Disk storage systems – meet the needs of both large and small businesses that need shared storage resources
    • Backup system – tape and disk backup systems provide reliable data protection for businesses of all sizes
  • Servers DELL (processor-based Intel) – provide reliability, rich functionality, flexibility and performance
    • PowerEdge Series T – multi-enterprise single or-two-socket servers defined in a housing Tower
    • PowerEdge Series R – servers, made in the form Rack, designed to perform a wide range of tasks, from the simple operation of control systems to mission-critical applications in corporate data centers with maximum efficiency and reliability. The series features a line of processors from 2-core to four 8-core
    • PowerEdge Series M – blade servers, providing high density computing equipment in small amounts, are provided for the work of corporate and business applications. Performance, scalability and efficient. In the blade chassis supports up to 16 half-height server (up to 32 servers, up to a quarter)
  • Storage Systems
    • Networked storage systems – centralized storage system that combines storage using the iSCSI protocol and Fibre Channel technology and provides shared access to resources
    • Storage systems that connect directly – a storage system with increased capacity, connected directly to the server control
    • Disk storage systems – provides a backup to removable disk drives and continuous data protection
    • Tape drives for backup – is designed to backup large amounts of data and archiving for the long term.