Implementation of various systems often requires adapting their interface to the customer’s requirements or the development of new – with a complete set of necessary features. Naturally, the existing realities – Web interface to the application is the only option worthy of attention. Interface – this is not just a “site” of the system, and the complex infrastructure, often deeply functionally integrated into the system – in fact become part of the solution. That is why the creation of interfaces we use only proven, reliable and scalable technology. This ensures that our solutions can easily be up to industry requirements, such as performance, reliability, security, and many others.

Areas of activity
  • Back Office GUI – Pervasive problem back-office interface – to make complex things simple, affordable and easily achievable. We help to solve this problem. Configuration, administration, operational processes – everything is easier if there is a good interface. Through various back-office solution system can be widely used for tasks from basic configuration data in the database and application management, to complex control mechanisms of telecom equipment – it all becomes simple and clear.
  • Self-Care