Delta Solutions Company offers a suite of solutions to operators to control access to services and ensure the processing of metering data services consumption.

Solutions built on the HP IUM (and its new version of HP eIUM) and JBOSS AS.

Areas of activity

  • Online and Offline Mediation – Class solution Mediation is built on a platform of HP Internet Usage Manager. HP Internet Usage Manager – software company Hewlett-Packard, designed to build a system of pre-processing of the services by the service provider to its customers. The product is built on the technology of Java, which gives him independence from the hardware platform.
  • Deep Packet Inspection(DPI) – As DPI in their decisions the company Delta Solutions uses equipment IPoque. IPoque GMBH, a German company – a developer of technology and high-reliability equipment for monitoring and control of IP-network traffic, DPI-based technologies. Company Delta Solutions is an authorized partner IPoque GMBH. The company’s products provide for the monitoring and management of IP-traffic from L2 to L7 levels and performance up to 75 Gbps. The equipment supplied is designed for full control of the volume and composition of the traffic in backbone networks, IP-service provider and management mechanisms based on prioritization and bandwidth throttling. PRX Traffic Manager – line of equipment for monitoring and control bandwidth communication channels based on packet inspection L2-L7 network layers (DPI L2-L7) and traffic analysis.
  • Policy Control Solutions-PCRF Server is carrier grade software platform used to implement the convergent policy management, real-time policy decision solutions across B/OSS domain, core network domain and content application domain for the network service providers.PCRF Server includes a 3GPP-compliant implementation of Policy and Charging Rules Function out of box to provision, manage and execute the Quality of Service policies, Bandwidth control policies, Subscriber-aware policies, and Application gating policies in the 2G/3G and LTE networks.PCRF Server provides a flexible, solid, robust, and scalable software platform for the development and management of any type of policy solutions specialized for telecom industry.
  • System Quality Management – System Quality Management solution is designed to collect and analyze data on the main activities of the network and IT systems operator svyazi.Reshenie System Quality Management allows you to collect data from many sources, automatically calculate and analyze KPI ih.Sistema automatically monitor thresholds are exceeded, a determination of criticality accident and generating alerts.
  • AAA Server – AAA server acts as the access control to the network, including authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) in networks 2G, 3G, 4G, fixed and mixed networks.
  • Real Time Charging-Real Time Charging & Rating Engine enables a service provider to track usage of its services by its customers. It includes a quota manager that consumes usage of services against different counters defined as part of subscriptions. It also includes an Balance Manager that keeps track of customer’s balances. Rating Engine allows flexible pricing mechanisms for usage of services including flat, time varying, progressive and others.