Real Time Charging & Rating Engine enables a service provider to track usage of its services by its customers. It includes a quota manager that consumes usage of services against different counters defined as part of subscriptions. It also includes an Balance Manager that keeps track of customer’s balances. Rating Engine allows flexible pricing mechanisms for usage of services including flat, time varying, progressive and others.


Real Time Charging & Rating Engine is composed of the following modules:

Charging Engine Modules
  • Balance Manager
  • Charging Application
    • Duration Based Charging
    • Event Based Charging
    • Usage Based Charging
  • Quota Manager
Balance Manager

Balance Manager offers the following features:

  • Provides convergent platform for balance management of prepaid and postpaid subscribers for service providers.
  • Organizes the hierarchy of balances of subscribers to define the rules of debiting depending on service
  • Performs the transactions on balances in real time with high performance and security

Main functions of Balance Manager:

  • Store the set of balances with hierarchy
  • Increase and decrease the balances (monetary and non-monetary) in real time and in offline mode
  • Support of online reservation
  • Manage balances with type Counter to perform automatic expiration and recreation of balances
  • Notify external systems about events on balances according to the rules of notifications
Charging Application

Charging Application module contains following sub-modules and features:

Duration Based Charging – оSession based Charges can be applied for voice and other services according to the time duration spent by subscriber in using the particular service. Duration Based Rate Sheets can be defined and rates applied by the Rating Engine.
Usage Based Charging – Applying Charges based on usage/bandwidth consumed by the subscriber. Usage based Rate sheets are defined in the Rating Engine.
Event Based Charging – Event Based Charges can be applied for every instance of some service consumed such as SMS, MMS, downloading Ringtone, Playing Video Game etc.
Qouta Manager – For enabling smart prepaid quota based services, Quota Manager supports all types of Time; Volume & Event based counters and supports integration with its AAA Applications (AAA Server, Policy Server & HSS) & Charging Engine.
Time based Quota:

Prepaid time based counters for voice and data services for example

  • 100 Free minutes for all local voice calling
  • 2 hours Free usage for data service (wi-fi)
  • 1 day unlimited data usage(free download/upload)

Volume based Quota:

Provide support for management and control of volume based packages for real time Data Services. This may include

  • 10 GB download/upload upon limit upon service activation
  • 25 GB quota limit for download/upload

Event based Quota:

For services such as SMS, MMS, VoD (Video on Demand) and other content related services

  • 100 free SMS
  • 10 Movie downloads per month
Rating Engine Modules

RRating Engine offers operators a highly scalable, service agnostic and flexible system that enables the introduction of new, complex and converged service offerings. AdvOSS Charging Engine takes raw CDRs either as AAA packets or files through Mediation lite, queries the Rating engine for application of the rate. The AdvOSS Rating Engine rates the CDRs according to the rate in the relevant rate sheet for an event, session or usage. Then it returns rated CDRs to the AdvOSS Charging Engine.
It enables creation, maintenance and application of various types of complex rates as described below:

Duration Based Rate Sheets – Customer can be charged on the basis of how much time the customer spent on operator’s network. It can be mainly applied on Voice Calls or data services such as wi-fi.
Usage Based Rate Sheets – Rating on the basis of bandwidth consumed, separate charges can be defined for upload or download. It depends on the kind of service used by customer i.e. Broadband/DSL, VOD etc.
Event Based Rate Sheets – Rating for every instance of some service consumed such as SMS, MMS, downloading Ringtone, Playing Video Game etc.
Muti-services Rating – Enables multiple Charging on same session like both Duration and Usage based rates are applied at the same time. AdvOSS Rating Engine offers flexibility in charging customer through applying combination of Usage & Duration based Rates for a single session. For example Charging Customer for wimax internet service usage for the time duration he has spent as well as the bandwidth consumed (upload/download).
Rounding – Rating can be done based on rounding intervals e.g. 60/30 based rating for voice where 60 seconds is the first rounding interval and 30 seconds is the second rounding interval.
Time of Day / Day of Week Based Rates – Supports 24 * 7 different rates in a week. It means there can be different rates for every hour in a week and different rates for every day in a week.
Holiday discounts – It allows adding different holiday based rates as per operator requirements. Operator can define special rates according to different events/holidays and rate their customers.
Progressive Rating – Differentiated Rating for multiple intervals in a single session/call. .