OCP Rack (Blade Chassis)

Principal Advantages:

  • Single power zone for all equipment that provides equal power consumption and distribution with minimum conversions
  • Optional equipment for providing uninterruptable power supply solution
  • Optimized cabling due to installation of network equipment in the rack centre
  • Cabling and maintenance from a cold isle that provides convenient work for engineers and saving of space in a data centre due to hot isle narrowing


21″ Open Compute Rack with 2 centralized power zone
Overall Dimensions 43 OU; 1066.8 (D) x 600 (W) x 2220 (H) (mm)
Weight 272 Kg (without equipment)
Configuration 3 OU (includes 1 or 2 centralized power supply zones, battery module and shelves for switches)
AC Power Supply 3P4W 180~305 Vac 50A;
DC Power Supply 12V Bus Bar
Power Consumption 13.2KW
Power Supply (2+1 Redundant) 3300W Up to 96% efficiency;