HP operation Manager –a leading software platform for the detection and elimination of problems within the entire IT-infrastructure.

HP Operations Manager – means a comprehensive IT infrastructure monitoring, ensuring the consolidation of events associated with the occurrence of errors or problems with performance, and accurately determine the cause of IT incidents. HP Operations Manager provides a single console for monitoring virtual and cloud infrastructures. HP Operations Manager event associated with the data on business services, applications and infrastructure to optimize the search for solutions to the problems with the system and productivity.

HP Operations Manager automates event management and availability:

  • Comprehensive event management for IT infrastructure, operating systems and applications
  • Performance monitoring
  • Automated alerts
  • Consolidation of all events in a single management console

Solutions based onHP Operations Manager allow:

  • The most detailed and accurately reflect the state of infrastructure, applications and services in a graphical form
  • Automate the detection, data collection, filtering, aggregation, correlation, and corrective actions
  • Automate the process of searching for the installation of monitoring facilities and monitoring rules (policies), depending on the type of object
  • Establish recommendations to the operator when an event and assign resources to address the causes of events to be used in automatic or manual mode
  • Organize the sending events to external alarm systems, including by email and sms

The specialists of “Delta Solutions”ready to carry out an audit of the customer’s IT infrastructure with a view to making recommendations on the organization and provision of comprehensive monitoring of all infrastructure components.