IPIQUE DPI Key Features

  • Layer-7 protocol detection with DPI and behavioral analysis
  • VoIP, P2P, IM, media streaming, tunnels, gaming, Web, e-mail protocol support
  • Detection of encrypted protocols like Skype, BitTorrent, eDonkey/eMule, Winny
  • Subscriber-level bandwidth and policy management
  • Regular signature updates
  • Integrated hardware bypass
  • Web GUI for flexible administration

Comprehensive Protocol Support

  • Support for over 200 protocols
  • All standard protocols for Web, e-mail and file transfer
  • Close to 100% detection and regulation accuracy for all supported protocols
  • All important protocols for P2P file sharing, internet telephony, media streaming, instant messaging, tunneling, online gaming
  • Custom protocol definitions
  • Traffic management and statistics for MPLS-labeled, VLAN-tagged and DSCP-labeled traffic

Network Deployment

Network and Subscriber Visibility

  • Subscriber application usage statistics
  • Protocol & application statistics
  • Policy class statistics
  • Individual and aggregated device statistics

Tariff model samples

  • Unlimited tariff plans. Bandwidsh management, include dynamic bandwidth change according to Download/Upload traffic and time period.
  • Limits tariff plans, traffic packages.
  • Time-depending tariffs.
  • Bandwidth limit
    • Content type WEB, P2P, VoIP, YouTube etc
    • According WEB-site
  • Parental Control
  • Independent premium content charging (films, music, etc.)
  • “turbo-button” increase bandwidth for subscriber (256, 512, 1000, 2000 Kb/s) in specified period(10 min, 1 h, day, mounth etc).